NFT Liverpool 2022



An exhibition unlike others, focused on NFT Art and a new definition for Curators in digital art scene, NFT Liverpool 2022 is an event created, managed & defined by the NFT community.

With open call for submission, every single creator had an opportunity to submit and show their creation in this exhibition and almost 90% of the selected works are by less known creators in this vast space.

Curators, each with strong presence in the Art scene are not only selecting works but creating a portfolio of artists they wish to support as well as giving those artists a boost in their career.

Main objectives of this exhibition are to give an opportunity to lesser known artists to be seen, giving ordinary people a chance to experience what digital art is and providing a structure for curators to support artists they connect with.

Exhibition is hosted by Amir Soleymani, owner of Adelia Art Gallery with all expenses being covered by himself including all the equipments and day to day running cost of the show. None of the partners are paid and their presence is only to support the exhibition and creators.

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