Anti-Money Laundering

In early 2020, the UK government introduced new anti-money laundering measures for all art dealers, galleries and their clients. Adelia Art Gallery is required to take all reasonable steps to mitigate the risks of money-laundering occurring in the course of our business, including the risks of being paid with illegally obtained funds.

As part of these obligations and before the completion of any sale, Adelia Art Gallery is now legally obliged to carry out identification and screening checks on all clients buying from our gallery (similar to those already carried out by financial institutions, financial advisors and major international auction houses). As a client or prospective client of Adelia Art Gallery, we kindly ask you to provide to us the following documentation and information for us to satisfy our legal obligations.


If you are a private individual We require:
1. a copy of a valid photo identity document such as a passport, driving license or national ID card that confirms your full name, date of birth and nationality; and
2. a copy of a utility bill from the past 3 months that confirms your permanent residential address; and
3. confirmation as to the source of the funds that are being used to acquire the artwork(s). Please confirm by return email.

If you are buying through a company or other corporate entity We require:
1. company details including evidence of incorporation and confirmation of the current director(s) and the ultimate beneficial owner(s)*;
2. current signed passport for each beneficial owner(s) (individual that owns 25% or more of the share capital or voting rights in the company, or who otherwise exercises control over the management of the company);
3. confirmation as to the source of the funds that are being used to acquire the artwork(s).
* note, if a company is owned by a corporate entity, evidence of this (e.g. register of shareholders or members) showing the chain of ownership until all individuals are accounted for, is required.

If you are buying on behalf of a 3rd party, rather than into stock, we will be required to identify the ultimate buyer in addition to the agent.
If the ultimate owner is a private individual, please refer to private individual section for a list of the required documents;

If the ultimate owner is a company or other corporate entity, please refer to company section for a list of the required documents.


Please ensure that all documents are clear and shown in their entirety e.g. for passport copies, please ensure that the entire photo page is visible, including the characters shown along the bottom of the page.

Payments received by the gallery will have to be received from a bank account held in the name of the person or entity named on the invoice. In the event that you wish for a third party to pay for a purchase on your behalf, you will have to seek our prior authorisation to do this and if the information you provide to us doesn’t meet with these new legal requirements, unfortunately we will have to reserve the right to refuse third party payments.